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After subscription, we supply you with two actual addresses in Delaware TAX-FREE, USA. After that you can make online purchases from US/international sites and your purchases will be shipped to the given address. After they arrive to the address, shipments go through the registration process to be registered and ready in your account. You can make an order for any shipment you’d like to ship and the order will be delivered to your address in your country through a shipping company of your choice.

It is not necessary, once you subscribe to us, you are provided with multiple shipping options without subscriptions or creating accounts with shipping companies.

A real actual US mail address in New Castle,DE, USA.

At the moment this service is not available


SmartPack is a unique service designed to save you money. Instead of shipping your orders individually and in their original packaging, we consolidate them into one box. We ensure they’re packed securely and neatly, minimizing the chances that they’d get damaged during transit. We do, however, suggest you add insurance on any shipment, as we can’t be responsible for damage a package sustains once it leaves our facility.

Yes, you can by emailing us through technical support.

Perfumes and fragrance can be shipped Via DHL only. The largest volume allowed is 500 ml and the largest quantity in an order is 1 liter. Shipping charges for dangerous goods will be charged $15 per order. Delays from 5 to 20 days are expected due to customs inspection.

Yes they are shipped(non perishable), but on customer’s own responsibility and are not available for storage.


Insurance is provided by the shipping company to protect you in the event your shipment is damaged or lost during shipping. We strongly recommend you opt in to insurance options as we are not responsible for their protection once we ship them.

Yes, if the shipment is sent within USA and to your address in

Express takes 2-4 business days
Economy takes 7-10 business days
— as you can find this on our rates calculator

The actual and volumetric weight is calculated based on the international shipping policy by calculating the length, width and height. See “Shipping Rates” for an approximate value of your shipment.

Dimensional weight is a method of measuring product volume used by all international shipping companies by calculating length, width and height.

In case that we receive any shipment that contains prohibited products, the customer will choose between returning the entire shipment (there is a $15 fee + shipping value) or destroying it.

Yes. However, there is a $15 processing fee in addition to the shipping cost. Contact us for more in

Some items, notably electronic products, require an Export Control Classification Number (ECCN) in order to be exported from the U.S. WS1 is only able to export items with select ECCNs and that furthermore do not require an export license from the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS). WS1 will attempt to classify your electronics item that may have one of our acceptable ECCNs. If we are unable to locate a required ECCN, A WS1 Customer Service will E-Mail you, and you will need to obtain the ECCN number from the merchant or manufacturer in order to clear it for shipment.

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