Why Choose WS1

Shipping Features

Experience fast and secure shipping with WS1.com, the worldwide repackaging and repacking experts for over 11 years.

We guarantee competitive and distinctive prices

Discounted shipping rates no matter the size of your shipment and guarantee you better rates every time you ship

Save more

By using our repackaging service, you can save more than 80% on shipping, compared to shipping directly from the seller

Discounted Rates

Get even more discounted rates with top global carriers such as DHL, Fedex, UPS and more

Fast order shipping

Our team works seven days a week to receive and prepare your shipments as soon as possible, so your shipment arrives quickly at your door!

SmartPack Repackaging, and special care

We Repackaging your purchases manually, making sure all your valuable purchases are protected, removing any unnecessary boxes and consolidating purchases into one box to save more.

Customs & Compliance

At WS1.com we handle the customs paperwork for you, and our long experience allows us to securely ship a wide range of US products to you.

Shipping Features

Discounted product prices and special deals, and don't forget that you are shopping from the source and at the original prices.

Shop and save more

Shop from American stores such as Amazon, Walmart, and many more, and buy the most popular brands of clothing, electronic devices, and various products

Avoid Paying US Sales-Tax

WS1.com provides you with two US tax-free US addresses, so shop with peace of mind

Discounted deals throughout the year

In US stores, events don't - offering huge deals on throughout the year

Package Return Services

Shop without worry!, we will be happy to assist you in returning any purchases you select to any merchant you purchased from