Important Update: Your U.S Address has changed

We would like to remind you that we have moved to a new facility in Delaware. Our Delaware facility is tax-free – where you can enjoy up to 7.25% tax savings of the purchase price compared to Ohio. 

Your address now:
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Address 1 : 298 CHERRY LN
Address 2 : Suite Your ID        
City : NEW CASTLE         
State : DE     Zip   19720

Update your address now, and take advantage of a limited-time 15% discount. Use the coupon code NEWADDRESS before you request shipping. 

We will receive shipments at your old address until 10/7/2019. 

After 10/7/2019, we will no longer be able to receive any shipments at the old address. is not responsible for any shipment received at the old address after 10/7/2019

15% special offer will expire 1/8/2019,