In order to provide excellent services to all customers, WS1 requires you to read and agree to the following rules and regulations:

Terms of use:
  • Customer should be at least 18 years old.
  • Customer should be responsible for securing the confidentiality of their account, for example passwords, tracking numbers, and any personal identifying information. WS1 will not be responsible for any loss or harm that will occur if the customer violates this security commitment.
  • We reserve the right to amend the prices of our services at anytime without prior notice.
  • You must use your full legal name, email address, and any other information that is being requested to complete the registration process.
  • Individuals and firms cannot have more than one account.
  • WS1 reserves the right to deactivate any account for any reason. If the deactivation occurred without justification and the customer did not use any of our services, the customer has the right to request a refund of the registration fee.
  • Customer agrees not to order any prohibited item (prohibited by Local Customs, United States Customs or Federal Regulations). WS1 does not ship any items that are prohibited by Federal laws and Customs. Items that are not allowed in the customer’s country, items that are illegal to be shipped or considered prohibited in views of WS1 will not be shipped. Prohibited items will be confiscated. You can see the list of prohibited items by clicking here.
  • Customer shall be responsible for any additional documents required to pass the shipment through customs. In case the customer’s order contains any item that is prohibited or requires additional documents the customer shall be liable for any penalties or fines for that order. WS1 is not responsible for the return of shipments sent back from customs to the source.
  • Any item that cannot be shipped within the United States in the view of the shipping carrier or local laws will not be shipped and will be discarded immediately. WS1 does not provide returns outside the United States. WS1 is not responsible for any damage or loss regarding this matter.
  • Dangerous goods shipped to some countries may require an additional 3-5 business days to process. Additional time may also be required during shipping and customs clearance. There are no assurances or guarantees on the exact time of delivery. The shipment of dangerous goods will require additional processing fees from both WS1 and the carrier.
  • Batteries cannot be shipped to any country at this time.
Countries that allow perfumes:

Following is a list of countries that allow or forbid shipping of perfumes:

Country Perfume
Australia No
Bahrain Yes
Canada Yes
Denmark Yes
France Yes
Germany Yes
India No
Ireland Yes
Italy Yes
Japan No
Jordan No
Kuwait Yes
Malaysia No
Netherlands Yes
New Zealand No
Oman No
Qatar No
Saudi Arabia Yes
Singapore No
South Korea No
Spain Yes
Turkey No
UK Yes
  • A customer may only cancel an order before processing has started, “In Queue”.
  • Shipments cannot be added or removed from orders, in any step of the order process.
  • WS1 provides a variety of shipping options from various shipping companies. The delivery time varies depending on the shipping carrier.
  • We would like to mention that WS1 does not provide any guarantees on delivery time, and the company’s responsibility ends when we hand over the consignment to the carrier. The carrier is now responsible for delivery of the order to the customer, and in case of any problem with the shipment the customer must contact the carrier.
  • Shipping rates are based on either actual weight or dimensional weight ((L*W*H)/166)) of the order after consolidation, whichever is greater. Note that the shipping fee is calculated at the time of shipping and may be changed at anytime. Shipping fees only include the shipping cost from WS1 warehouse to the customer.
  • Crating is available upon request for additional charges. Contact Customer Service for additional inquires.
  • Any extra fees will be the responsibility of the customer. Depending on the size and type of the shipment some shipments may require additional charges that are assessed when the shipment arrives, for example: taxes and custom duties.
  • If a shipment arrives at WS1 but is not registered to a customer account, it is necessary for the customer to contact WS1 no later than 10 business days from the date of arrival so we can assign the shipment to the proper customer account. In case the customer doesn’t contact us for the missing shipment within 10 business days from the date of arrival of the shipment, any claim will be rejected automatically and the shipment will be discarded. WS1 will not be responsible for discarded items.
  • If WS1 receives a prohibited item the customer will be notified immediately. The customer will have a period of 10 business days to remove the prohibited item or items from the WS1 warehouse in accordance with WS1 policy.
  • If the customer continues ordering prohibited items, WS1 has the right to deactivate the account without compensation of the product’s value, shipping fee or the registration value.
  • The customer should verify the price and quantity of all items in their shipment to ensure accuracy before placing the order. In case there is a discrepancy the customer should send the invoice to customer service to adjust the invoice before shipping. The customer has no right to claim any custom duties due to an error in data entry and if the order was placed, the customer fully approves the declared value
  • After the processing of the order is complete, the customer has 7 days to pay for the shipping fee. If the payment hasn’t been paid within 7 days, the customer will be charged for storage fee which is $1 per day per order. If the customer does not pay within 10 days, WS1 has full authority to discard the contents of the order and suspend or deactivate the customer’s account without a refund of the subscription fee.
  • Before ordering a shipment, it is the customer’s responsibility to make sure the address and country are entered properly. Additionally, it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure the description and price of the products are accurate in the order that is exported from WS1. WS1 will not be responsible in for the delay, damage, vulnerability or penalties resulting from customs or custom duties in your country.
  • The WS1 warehouse is not temperature and humidity controlled and the temperature will be subject to fluctuations. Products that need to be kept cold may get damaged in our warehouse. WS1 does not bear any responsibility for these items and the customer will not be compensated for loss.
  • WS1 supports parcel shipping only. WS1 is unable to send messages, magazines, catalogs, or any other type of normal mail items.
  • The maximum limit for each shipment within an order should not exceed $2,500 for each item in each order.
  • WS1 allows its customers to store their shipments for free for up to 45 days. After that, the customer will be charged $1 per day per shipment for an additional 15 days. After a total of 60 days, the shipment will be disposed of without any liability on WS1.
  • WS1 provides optional shipping insurance. The customer must verify the value of the shipment prior to the order being shipped from WS1.
  • Insurance will not cover acts of God.
  • Note that WS1 is not responsible for any stolen or missing shipment unless the shipment was insured. WS1 with the help of the customer, will raise a claim with the carrier. In the case of a claim, the refund will be based on the declared value and according to the carrier’s rules.
  • WS1 provides insurance on the shipment from the carrier for 3% of the declared value of purchases. Optional insurance for excess value is available. The customer should make sure the invoice of WS1 is same as the original purchase invoice from the seller. The claim will be filed based on the WS1 declared value. Note that the shipments with declared value less than $100 are insured for free by WS1. In case the order is not insured, the maximum refund will be $100 even if the original purchase was more than $100.
  • The customer should check the contents upon arrival and keep the original box and all packing materials of the shipment and should not discard anything in the case of a damaged/missing item so that we are able to file a claim with the insurance company.
  • In order for WS1 to confirm the loss or damage with the carrier the customer must provide images of the shipping box and any extra packing materials along with any other document to assist in proving the claim. Note that the external damage to the shipping box or the manufacturing box without damage to the product itself is not covered by insurance.
  • If the customer receives an order that is missing an item or contains a damaged item the customer must file a complaint with customer service within 5 days from receipt of the shipment. Any claim after the 5 days from receipt of the shipment will be declined.
  • WS1 is not responsible for undelivered shipments due to an incorrect address, shipping a prohibited item, or because of the actions of any governmental authority, including customs.
  • Items stored in the WS1 warehouse are insured for their full value up to $2,500. An invoice must be provided for the item to prove the shipment’s value. Please note WS1 will verify the arriving shipment’s weight with the estimated weight of the item for the purpose of making sure there are no fraudulent claims being attempted or in the case an incorrect item was sent.
  • Either party may cancel this agreement with a notice. WS1 has a right to deactivate any account in case of violation of this agreement or for any special reasons.
  • Any ill-attempt towards WS1 or its employees will be subject to legal repercussions.
  • Customer will authorize WS1 as their agent in the preparation of the shipment’s documents and give full authority to WS1 in taking all legal actions, i.e: provide of Certificate of Origin or any other document needed to send a shipment to the customer.
  • If the shipment is returned to WS1 and WS1 accepts the return because of problems related to customs documents or import regulations, fees or taxes, the customer will be responsible for the return shipping costs.
  • If the customs or carrier charges WS1, we will charge the customer from the customer’s WS1 account. WS1 will not be responsible under any circumstances for the payment of fees, taxes, or any other costs associated with the customer’s shipment.
  • If any part of the terms and conditions of use are considered illegal, invalid or unenforceable, the remaining terms and conditions of use shall remain in full force and effect and will be without any effect on other conditions
  • Terms of Service apply under the laws of the United Arab Emirates, and any part that is considered illegal is considered to be void.
  • Last updated in 8 September 2019
10. Other
  • The client will assign WS1 responsible for customs clearance, processing of special files for shipments. With full authorization to take care of all legal procedures, for example, preparing the certificate of origin and any other document required to ship the shipment to the customer.
  • If a shipment is returned to WS1 due to issues with customs documents, import regulations, duties or taxes, the customer will be responsible for the return fee.
  • If WS1 is charged by the carrier or customs for any costs, WS1 will debit your account with us. WS1 shall not be liable under any circumstances for the payment of duties, taxes or any of the costs resulting from the customer's shipment.
  • If any part of these Terms of Use is unlawful, unavailable or unenforceable, the other Terms of Use will remain in full force and effect, unaffected and without affecting any other provision.
  • The terms of use of the service apply according to the laws of the United Arab Emirates and any part that conflicts with the law is considered null and void.