Restricted & Prohibited Items

General Export Restrictions
Acidic/Corrosive Substances
CLEANING PRODUCTS Examples: Laundry Detergents/ Dish Soaps, Clorox Wipes, Oven Cleaners, Disinfectants.
METAL BATTERIES Examples: Watch batteries, Rechargeable batteries, Nickel Platted batteries, Car Batteries
CHEMICALS Examples: Ammonium, Chlorine, Peroxides, Mercury
ADHESIVES Examples: Adhesive Remover, Eyelash Glue, Wood Glue, Nail Glue
Biological Hazards
PERISHABLE FOODS Examples: Dairy products, Bread Products, Fruits/ Vegetables, Raw Meat.
HUMAN REMAINS Examples: Ashes, Bones, Reproductive Fluids, Human hair extensions.
TOXICS Examples: Infectious substances, Radio Active Material, Unidentifiable Substances.
DEAD OR LIVING THINGS Examples: Dead and living Animals/ insects, Plants, Untreated Furs and Skins, Ivory.
AEROSOL Examples: Hair Spray, Spray and Go Moisturizer, Rogaine, Lysol
PRESSURIZED Examples: Shock absorbers, Air Bags, Nasal Spray, Air Duster
COMPRESSED GAS Examples: Oxygen Cylinders, Fire Extinguishers, Nitrous Tanks, CO2 Cartridges
EXPLOSIVE MATERIAL Examples: Dynamite, Flash Powder, Igniters, Fire Works
Indecent Goods
PORNOGRAPHIC MATERIALS Examples: Magazines (of any kind), Books, Clothing with indecent photographs.
MASSAGERS Examples: Vibrators, Personal Massagers, True Touch Massagers, Soothing Orchid Massage Wand.
BODY OILS Examples: Personal lubricant, His and Hers Gels/Oils, Warming/tingling oils, Numbing Gels/Oils.
ADULT TOYS Examples: Enhancements of any body part/ performance, Ticklers/Whips, Sexual Protection Items, Items resembling sexual organs.
TRACKING DEVICES Examples: GPS Tracking, Vehicle Tracking, People tracking.
SURVEILLANCE PRODUCTS Examples: ANYTHING Night Vision, Binoculars, Motion Detectors, Electronics that can be modified, Antenna/Electronic Modifier.
VOICE RECORDERS Examples: Audio Recorder Pen, USB Flash Drive Audio Recorder, Audio Recorder Keychain, ANY Audio Recorder Hidden.
SPY CAMERAS Examples: Any Camera Not Visible to the Naked Eye, Glasses Video Recorder, Pen Video Recorder, Watch Video Recorder.
AMMUNITION RELATED Examples: Ammunition, Accessories made with Ammunition, Used Ammunition, Gun powder.
ACCESSORIES Examples: Scopes, Grips, Mounts, Cases/ Sheaths, ANY laser/ pointer.
WEAPONS Examples: Guns, Knives/ Swords, Stun Guns, Pepper Spray, Nunchucks.
TOY WEAPONS Examples: Life size toy weapons, Nerf Guns, Water Guns, Swords, Sling Shots.
PRESCRIPTION Examples: Any prescribed drug must have proper paper work to be shipped internationally. The shipment will be placed on hold upon arrival until paper work has been provided.
FERTILITY Examples: Clomid, Femera, Bravelle, FertilAid, FertilMan, T Male, No exception not even if prescribed, All forms; pills, lotions, drinks etc.
ENHANCEMENT Examples: All forms; pills, lotions, drinks etc. Stimulants, Hormone, Reproductive Production
NARCOTIC Examples: Morphine, Cannabis even if it is prescribed, Alcohol/Liquor/Accessories, Methadone
AEROSOL Examples: Hair Spray, Spray and Go Moisturizer, Rogaine, Lysol
Examples: Hair Dye, Nail Polish Remover, Espresso Cleaning Tab, Argan Oils
Examples: Empty or Full Gas Containers, Anything used that withheld Gas or Oil, Charcoal, Fertilizers
LIQUIDS Examples: Nail Polish Lighters, Make up Cleaner, Paint Thinner, Biofreeze.
PERFUME Examples: All perfumes must be 125 ML or 4.2 oz or less to be shipped internationally. Perfumes ONLY ship with DHL. Expect duties and delays when shipping perfume. Some Countries excluded.
TOBACCO Examples: Tobacco, Chewing Tobacco, Patches with or without Nicotine, Nicotine, Nicotine Gum
ACCESSORIES Examples: Cigar Cutters, Rolling Papers, Ashtray, Cigarette Case, Pipes.
ELECTRONIC CIGARETTES Examples: Tobacco and Tobacco Free, Chargers/Cases, Cartridge, Batteries.
HOOKAH Examples: Electronic Hookahs, Hoses, Bowls, Bowl Grommet, Tobacco
Magnetic Goods

MAGNETS Examples: Metal Detectors, Fastcap Power Magnet, Welding Magnets, Anything Highly Magnetic.

Related FAQs
What will happen if I order a prohibited shipment?

Once we receive a prohibited shipment, we will notify you by e-mail. You have the option to destroy the item or have it returned to the sender for $15 plus the shipping cost.

What are my purchase restrictions? is not able to deliver certain items due to legal and safety restrictions. Please review our list of Generally Prohibited and Restricted Items before you buy.

What is an Export Control Classification Number (ECCN)?

Some items, notably electronic products, require an Export Control Classification Number (ECCN) in order to be exported from the U.S. WS1 is only able to export items with select ECCNs and that furthermore do not require an export license from the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS). WS1 will attempt to classify your electronics item that may have one of our acceptable ECCNs. If we are unable to locate a required ECCN, A WS1 Customer Service will E-Mail you, and you will need to obtain the ECCN number from the merchant or manufacturer in order to clear it for shipment.

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